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A&D Programs: November 2, 2022
Washington, DC

Dana Jensen

Senior Industrial Policy Analyst
U.S. Air Force Office of Commercial and Economic Analysis


Dana is a Senior Industrial Policy Analyst with the US Air Force's Office of Commercial and Economic Analysis specializing in aviation. He is co-chair of the Joint Air Force-NASA-FAA Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Supply Chain Working Group, and serves the Air Force as a Systems Engineering and Technical Analysis (SETA) expert focused on AAM enabling technologies including advanced manufacturing, advanced power storage systems, artificial intelligence, and autonomy.

Dana is a member of the Air Force's Agility Prime core team that evaluates the technical and commercial merit of AAM use cases for potential Government support. Prior to work in aviation, Dana served as a diplomat with the US State Department in Honduras, Pakistan and the Netherlands. He also worked on Wall Street for nearly a decade trading interest rate derivatives for Europe's largest investment bank, and was trained academically as a field archaeologist focused on the pre-Inca cultures of the Andes mountains of South America.


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